Melbourne Real Estate

Melbourne The Dream Come True

As many have already discovered, Florida is one of the nation’s premiere residential meccas, and for reasons which extend far beyond the beauty of the state. Melbourne, Florida and her surrounding communities are no exception. No matter who you are or where your interests lie there is something for everyone in scenic Melbourne. Filled with opportunities and beauty that is beyond compare, it is no wonder that Melbourne, Florida has not only become such a popular vacation and tourist destination, but that it has also turned into home for those who love and cannot deny the charm and unique feel of the city and her surrounding destinations. Take a look, and you too just may find that Melbourne could be a place that you would like to call home.

Melbourne, also known affectionately as The Harbor City, is located along Florida’s famed Space Coast, about one hour’s drive south from the Kennedy Space Center. At the heart of one of the southeast’s leading high tech development areas, Melbourne presents her residents with ample opportunities for work and play. The job market in the area has been strong and steady, even amid the recent economic downturn, and has not experienced the hurt that many other regions along the Florida coast have seen. What’s more, not only does this make it an idyllic place to make a home, it also offers residents more than enough recreational opportunities as well.

Of course one of the things that always draws people in is the proximity of Melbourne to the beaches of the tranquil Atlantic Ocean. Many of Florida’s most serene coastal areas, such as Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, and Indian Harbor Beach, all make up the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. And along with the peace and tranquility of the beach comes family friendly fun too. The swimming, tennis, golf, and other recreational venues that the city provides is just part of the appeal. Melbourne prides itself as consistently being named as one of the top rated places to live in the country- just one visit and you too will see why just so many people choose to call this oceanfront community home.

The greater Melbourne, Florida area, which boasts of a population of around 80,000, has numerous attractive neighborhoods and suburbs in which you can discover your dream home. Be it in one of the economically revitalized areas of the city or within a private golf community, there are options for every homeowner, no matter your age or your dream.

Golf has always been an integral part of the central Florida image, and the communities which can be located within Melbourne are no exception to the rule. Public and private, residential and vacation oriented, there is something for everyone. The private communities though, are the ones which tend to really stand out, catering to families of all backgrounds and needs. No matter whether you are searching for what is to be your first home or one which you and your family can retire to, Melbourne, Florida has a little something special for everyone.

Stop dreaming about it and make the dream of living the Florida lifestyle a part of your future; make it your reality. There is no better time than right now to discover your perfect home, and Melbourne is certainly the place to make the move to. A friendly and open community, filled with exciting events, beautiful scenery, and a fun experience for the whole family, Melbourne is the place to raise a family and call home. Look around and you will see that right now and well into the future, Melbourne is the place to be.